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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Bigsig, Mar 25, 2012.

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    Anyone done the DAK conversion on a sig P226? I am really considering it. I was a Glock guy before I got this Sig, and the da/sa thing is just not comfortable to me. I shoot it well and always qualify with it, but I think a more consistent pull would be Better for me. Looking for opinions from those who may have been in this situation and switched to DAK.
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    Here's my opinion on DAK. If you're already comfortable with DAO or Revolver actions, DAK may be worthwhile (based on my experience with a DAK P229). If you prefer SAO or striker fired actions, you will be disappointed with's still DAO with a fairly long pull and heavy trigger, albeit with a shorter reset.

    Have you considered an H&K w/ a LEM action? Essentially, it's a long, but light trigger pull w/ a relatively short reset. When the slide cycles after firing (or is manually cycled), it cocks the hammer spring so that the shooter only feels the resistance of the trigger return spring until just prior to the trigger break. There are several spring combinations to allow you to adjust the trigger pull and break to the shooter's preference.

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