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I got the following in an email from SIG's marketing email blast earlier in the week. It's still not cheap, but it isn't a bad price for the conversion. I ordered one for myself; I'll let you know how it does.

.22LR Rimfire Conversion Kits for your ...

P220®, P226®, P228®/P229®

Convert your SIG pistol to rimfire and
make practice affordable!

Train new shooters
Use your SIG pistol for .22LR matches

- Hard coat anodized aluminum slide
- Recoil spring assembly
- Adjustable night sights
- Magazine
- Barrel

Regular retail price... $375.00 MSRP

Holiday Special $249.95 FREE SHIPPING

This limited time offer begins November 29th, 2010.
Order today, and SAVE on ammo costs!

Also Available...
Select P250® Caliber X-change Kits and Centerfire Conversion Kits also available at discounted prices. (CALL FOR INFO)

Call (866) 619-1128 or
(603) 418-8102

It's not in the email, but they are also discounting the mags. Apparently full list is an outrageous $45, but they're doing $35 for one or $30/ea for two or more. That's pretty cheap considering CDNN still wants $33 for them . . . man that's a lot of money for a plastic mag.
I've actually been really happy with it. Once you lubricate the slide rails it'll eat anything, including the cheap Remington and Winchester bulk packs.

When I first took the conversion kit out and put it on, the rails would not ride smoothly. Regular oil didn't seem to help. I applied Tetra Gun Grease to the slide rails and racked the slide repeatedly. The action was smooth and easy afterwards.

It requires some adjustment to get used to shooting the SIG without the slide locking back. Also the weight is so much lighter than the standard slide that it kind of feels like a different gun. Finally, the .22 rounds shoot quite dirty. I'd advise thoroughly cleaning the frame before reassembling the gun with the factory slide.

Overall, on my first range trip, I fired about 300 rounds without any malfunctions. I think it was a good investment.
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