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Looking for opinions and reviews. Personal ones and internet ones.

So far doing a google search hasn't helped too much, I only see stuff from commercial sites, and people who can't say anything bad about sig.

I've heard that some of the rifles have been having problems.

Does anyone know if this is from a particular batch, or particular factory?

I have shot a bunch of the Sig 556 rifles, and they are great shooters. Some can be a bit front end heavy, so I like the Classic. I own 2 of the 551's and the swiss rifles are sweet.
If your looking for a reliable, accurate short range carbine, there tough to beat.

View attachment 195093
I have a classic rifle and a 556 pistol and have never had an issue on either one.
I think the lack of internet info is due to the HORDES of AR owners vs. the few SIG owners.
I heard a rumor that the price was dropping on them, I would grab another one if they do.
They are heavier than an AR, but I'm not sure once you add a piston kit to an AR.
Use of standard magazines was the clincher for me, HK mags just cost too much!
I'd buy mine again, and have never regretted doing so.
I have the patrol swat and like it a great deal. I know there were some QC issues with the earlier ones but have had no major problems with mine. Mine did manage to have a firing pin break on me w/ a low round count but Sig sent me 2 new ones very quickly.

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