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Discussion in 'Handgun Classifieds' started by gunjunky, Jan 19, 2013.

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    I just picked this up in trade, an unexpected opportunity, but after some consideration, I have decided to go another direction so I am going to sell this and put the funds to another project. The previous owner stated he fired 120 rounds, I plan to fire about that just to see what it is like; I will clean it.

    This has the Sig front fold down (flag) sight and a Hawke red dot mounted (no rear iron). I can e-mail pics to you if you provide an e-mail address via PM or e-mail.

    Please make sure your FFL will take shipment from me. I would like to get $1800 for this pistol but willing to negotiate.

    I will entertain trade offers so hit me up with what you have, I prefer trades be FTF but will work a deal for the right gun.

    My interests run to 1911’s, looking for a DW Guardian or maybe a STI double stack and others. CZ’s (must have ambi safety), thinking I would like to try a S&W M&P, looking for a Ruger GSS (left hand bolt), an OST Tier 1 Glock and other stuff as well. It never hurts to ask. If there is a difference of cash in what you are offering please let me know where you stand on that as well (IE your Glock is not worth 750 etc). I also need some optics for rifles, a 1-4 with mount (like a Millet DMS or other) AimPoint T1 or other small red dot. Also would not mind a Rem 870 Tactical. If you have more than one gun to get there I will listen.
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