Sig 556 and Leupold AR, which ammo?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by gnarkill, May 10, 2010.

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    Which ammo do you all recommend I should use to sight in my leupold AR? It needs to be 55 grain since thats what the BDC is calibrated for, I am just wondering what you guys use and where I can get it locally.

    Also I think I will be having the BDC on my Leupold redone to work for a 62 grain, have any of you done this and do you know what it costs by chance? I have heard since this rifle has a 1 in 7 twist it works best with the 62 or 75 grain rounds.
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    I'm very interested in findings as I just got a Sig 556. I just want to know how to sight-in my EOTech XPS 3-0.
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    i cant remember if it's calibrated for SAAMI or NATO- i'd find that out first. NATO being higher pressure will not drop as fast as SAAMI.

    good 55gr ammo is federal XM193 and winchester q3131.. both are NATO and close to m193, if not identical.

    a 1/7 twist will stabilize 45-80gr bullets. the only ammo it doesn't do well with is light/hot varmint loads, which can disintegrate a few meters from the muzzle with 1/7s. 55gr is absolutely within the totally-OK range for 1/7

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