SIG 522 SBR with Silencer...Revised

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by wired, Sep 18, 2011.

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    I am selling this to fund a boat money pit that the wife won't give me any funds for so no trade offers please.

    This is the coolest .22 on the planet . It is a SIG 522 SBR created from a 522 SWAT pistol and a Swiss 552 stock ( rare and expensive) . It is legal and papered as such with the ATF NFA. I am selling it with an SWR Spectre silencer. Included is the Mueller redo dot scope 2-9X scope and a set of irons of that makes you happy. Two $200 stamps will be required for this transaction to be processes through the NFA and I can help with trust paperwork if you'd like to go that route. Its simple and easy. Includes two black Dog SIG mags. Total price on everything is $1100. Yes, It costs more than that to build and it shoots wonderfully. I just spend more time looking at it than shooting it and the boat is a family heirloom I need to fund more than I need to look at an SBR. Demo's are possible if you'd like to drive t the Dalles. Nice drive anyway.


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