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Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by stromith, Apr 24, 2012.

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    I had a Kahr cm9 did not like it, Diamondback DB9 didnt like it, Taurus and ruger 9 didnt like em. so im looking for a new Small summer carry 9. Does anyone have a Sig 290? Im really considering getting one and before I take the $600 plunge Im looking for a user review? I have a Sig 229 and really like it. I like that it weighs 20oz seems like it will handle recoil better than the 11oz DB9, Has metal rail Vs kahrs plastic rail. comes with laser and or night sights. But all sigs mags are about $50. Looking for a user review not a whats what of small carry guns. thanks
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    If you do buy, they seem to be going for around 450 new on gunbroker.
  3. Siglvr

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    As the sig 290 is dual action -is it not, and the 229 you love is DA/SA, the trigger pull will feel dramatically different, most likely worse, to you. Some folks like to have all of their guns run the same, which is nice so that you can train for one way and not have to change if you happen to have another style pistol in your hand in an emergency. For myself, I think folks should adopt a wait and see on new sig products. I jumped into the P250, have the 9mm and .45 change out kit, and really like it, but it's dramatically different than the P226, 228/229 and 220 series. Dramatically. You might consider calling some of the local ranges and see if you could rent one to try it. Sorry, I don't have any first hand experience to share or I would.
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    You like your 229? are aware that SIG is producing the 224...a smaller version of the 229 that is supposed to accept 229 magazines...yes?
    P224 SAS

    Of course nobody has one yet...but then, nobody has the 290 either...
  5. errackeleo


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    They are also coming out with a 9mm version of the p238. It's called the p938. Single action like a 1911, not think and blocky like the 224 or 290. A better subcompact conceal anywhere option. Just an another a$$h@les opinion but since you are looking. The 290 is just an ultra small p250
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    ... I can add the Kimber Solo to your list of tried it ... still have the Solo and like it, even though that cost me more to find out.
    The P290 is different, but it's a SIG. I liked the one I had; ran 150 rounds through it.

    A couple of months back, no wanted to buy P290's, even for a bargain price of $450 with a laser module.
    Add an ITAC holster and it ws a great choice for CCW, summer/winter.

    Now ... with the delay of the P938 (I'm gonna wait), P290 sales are picking up.
    It's a good and then some; you get double action, night sights; the 8 round mags with (pinky) extension can be had for $45.
    The standard 6 round mag makes for a great CCW, with the 8 round as the spare.

    I used Remington UMC 115gr for break in at the range; defensive load was 124gr Speer gold dots; Hornady's another good choice; your point of aim may differ to mine.

    I've also ha d a few rounds down with a Beretta Nano and that's one to try ... some one else on this forum will attest to the nano, particularly once it's been broken in.

    Currently trying out a Kel-Tec PF9 - looked at these? A little cheaper than the SIG, though it's going to feel different of course.
    A cheaper firearm to lose forever in case THAT ever happens.

    Though I'm sure, as many will attest, a SIG is going to last a lot longer than some other makes.


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