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The mags are the factory original Sig zipperbacks, seeing as how I have everything else the gun came with, I'd hate to seperate the mags.

However, everything has a price. Make me an offer, but its propably more than you want to spend.

On a side note, I do have 2 brand new Mecgar 15rd hi cap mags. Mecgar is the current supplier of factory Sig mags. Both of these are basically brand new, and one is filled with 147gr Hydroshocks.
On the back of the mag, there is a seam where the folded sheet metal comes together. On an original Sig zipperback, the sheet metal is cut in such a shape that a zipper line is formed across the back at the seam, so to speak.

Here's a pic of a few different Sig mags. The one on the far left is a zipperback, while the two in the center are most likely newer sig mags, where the welded seam is ground smooth.

If you're simply interested in some 228 mags and are not concerned with original 'collectability'.... I have 2 Mecgar 15rd 228 mags, that I would be willing to sell. These are the best aftermarket mags available for Sigs, and are now Sig's supplier of factory mags. PM me if interested.

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