sig 226,fn,ar15 & ak mags plus more.

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    I have for sale ftf in WA, lots of mags. here is the list.
    i could manage to ship some but you would have to buy in quanity.

    new sig 226 40/357 sig mags blued marked sig but made by megar. 25.00 ea

    fn fnp 9mm new in box only have 2 30.00 ea

    fn ps90 factory 50 round mags in box i have 7-8 of these 45.00 ea

    ar mags made by D&H standard green follower all new 10.00 ea i have maybe 40 of these.

    ar15 magpul non windowed revision M black mags. 12.50ea i have 40 of these.all new in wrap.

    AK steel bulgarian mags with new style polymer follower. all are new some in wrap and some are not. 14.00 ea

    AK 223 bulgarian 30 round some smoke colored some black must have 20 or more. 30.00 ea

    i'll add more when i dig in a few more totes.
    i will ship if you buy enough to make it worth my while to go to the post office.
    thanks for looking
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    How many Pmags makes it worth a trip to the PO?

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