Shun Ken Onion Knives and Block

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    These were purchased from the factory sale, as such they are sold as is. There's an 8" Chef, 9" Slicing, 5" Utility and the Knife Block. They've never been used to cut anything. No real cosmetic issues that I can see other then a tiny spot on the tang of the 9" Slicing where the handle was cut a tiny bit too far when they were making it. They only had a handful of these at the factory sale since this line has been discontinued.

    Since the Block is such a pain in the neck to ship (won't fit in a USPS Flat rate box and is heavy so it's spendy to ship) I am only selling these as a set.

    I've included a gallery showing closeups of the various knives. There's reflections of my hand/camera in some of the closeups but they're pretty obvious. None of the blades have any staining or anything.


    Here's the link to the gallery with the rest of the pics

    ShunKenOnion Photos by chicano11 | Photobucket

    Price is $415 shipped to the Continental US. I take paypal (+3%) or USPS Money Order (MO needs to be sent priority mail though to avoid any lost mail issues).

    If interested email

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