Shuff's Mini-G, Mini-Garand, +ammo *SPF*

Discussion in 'Rifle Classifieds' started by gunhobbit, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. gunhobbit

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    SPF :thumbup:

    Prefer FTF in Oregon, or at an FFL in Washington or Idaho, will ship at buyer's expense.

    Shuff's Mini-G Garand, less than 100 rounds downrange

    Two sealed spam cans = 384 rounds.

    Twelve loose bandos of mostly Greek on clips = 672 rounds

    Unknown quantity of loose pack on clips, around 100 rds (whatever the nearest divisible-by-8 number actually is) or so = ~100 rounds

    In short, right around 1000 rounds, +/- 50, on clips.

    More about the Mini-G here.

    $1,600 for the package. Not terribly interested in separating, but if someone Out There really wants just the rifle shipped, would consider it. Also, will look at ~$500 worth of something in trade, but need the cash more.

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  2. CAL30M1

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    Tim Shufflin does amazing work. Wish I had the cash to take it off your hands.
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