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Love those long barrels. Are those custom? I wonder if anyone ever made one with an extra long tapered barrel to make it look like the Luger artillery model. That would be cool! (And before anyone asks, I am aware of the erma .22 Luger clone, I had one and will never have one again ha ha! Man I hated that pistol).
View attachment 882710
No, not custom. Back in the day they offered these as Ruger Mark II pistols from the factory. Now, with the Ruger Mark IV, they have the heavy tapered 10-inch barrel as an offering once again, but this time, all Mark IV pistol uppers are interchangeable.


Back when silhouette shooting with .22 rimfire at half-scale targets at 100 yards, these Ruger Mark pistols were real killers on those little steel chickens:

View attachment 882704
My late friend had the AMT Lightning with the 10” bull barrel. He was deadly on ground squirrels with it out to 50 yards. It was only offered for a short time since Ruger prevailed against AMT in the patent infringement case. It was a very nice shooter, but I did have to reassemble it for him twice when he field stripped it for cleaning. :rolleyes:
Purchased a few years back as my eyes aren't what they used to be and iron sights for Bulls Eye shooting weren't cutting it. With the Bushnell TRS 25 and Ely Target it does pretty well from the bench. Beretta Model 87, 25 yard and 50 yard target.

IMGP0002.JPG 100 25 yards target 2.JPG 99 points 50 yards.JPG


Here is High Standards metallic silhouette kit 10" barrel with sight adapter that slid over the rear sight blade. The adapter had a narrower notch for the longer sight radius. Very few of these kits are known to exist from E. Hartford, CT. Subsequently High Standard Houston made a few of the 10" barrels but I am not sure whether they included a sight adapter with them. 20210516_184028.jpg 20210516_184036.jpg
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