Finished this one recently for my father.
Steel is 154CM, handle scales are black paper micarta, pins are stainless.

'Vintage' USAF survival knife.

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Did you bring that home from VN? Still got that "stone" that came with it? Handy-sized knife for sure.
I wanted one of those in the worst way- until I got one! Since I wasnt using it to cut thru aircraft-canopy plexiglas it wasnt all I had hoped it would be.
The KaBar USMC knife wasnt all that great either, and the leather grips had a tendency to rot, dyed mine black and then soaked it in wood sealer preservative. It sprouted legs and walked off somewhere along the line. I couldnt wait to do what so many of the guys were doing- getting the Buck 120 "General" which I kept for like 40 years...
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how much time do you really spend fighting with that $450 knife? i am guessing none.
Training yes. (It came with a trainer as well)

Actually deploying it on another human being - hopefully never.

How often do you spend fighting with your handgun? That question can be asked in a magnitude of areas. I train with all the gear I carry on my person.

-fixed blade
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