My new toy I got today
Limited edition Staccato C2 DPO with ICE comp
Can’t wait to shoot this one !!!! I almost skipped work to hit the range !!!

59DC3E33-8B56-4E9E-A073-B68B48457C32.jpeg F90C8CC1-25F1-462E-B998-F15C49A615B0.jpeg DDE97338-86D7-44C2-A0DD-93876F2390C7.jpeg
Probably had to go to work to pay for the ammo for a range day lol
Funny you say that...

The street taco vendor who I get my dinner from every Tuesday just bought a brand new RAM truck last week. I was there last night, getting dinner and congratulating him on his new ride.

I said, "Business must be good!" He says it's going really well. I always tip him (or his kid) $2 with every $6 meal I get.
Last night, I said, "Welp, you can go buy yourself a half gallon with this!"

We both kinda half-laughed, half-cried over that... LGB!
Here's the .22 semis, pistols to came. PAX

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Nice job with the Thompson!
I didn't go with the Chicago Typewriter, but rather with the US Army's initial SMG entry into WWII, the M1928A1, for purely historical reasons (I'm somewhat of a WWII history buff). Mine is actually referred to as the M1927A1, which is the SBR semiautomatic version of the M1928A1. Sadly, it's not a Title II firearm... :oops:

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The $125 plus tax just few years ago on the shelf was great compared to basic pumps today. This is a Charles Daily….. clone 12 gauge security style. Just got some cheap wall hooks.

Think the next goal is a clone 12 semiautomatic 12 (blackAcesTactical likely) or hopefully soon my first KelTec…KSG410 when it’s finally listed somewhere.

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Guns & Calibers from the past; Johnson MMJ 5.7mm Spitfire!

The first thing we need to know is the creator of this caliber, "MMJ" Melvin Maynard Johnson Jr. He was commissioned into the Marine Corps Reserve in 1933 as a Second Lieutenant and completed Harvard Law School in 1934. Johnson designed the M1941 Johnson rifle, the Johnson Light Machine Gun and the M1947 Johnson auto carbine. So clearly he was a man that understood the dynamics of weapons design.

In 1963 he founded his Johnson Arms, Inc business. Developing models that utilized the M1 Carbine chambered in his creation the Johnson MMJ 5.7mm Spitfire. He also offered barrels chambered in that caliber for converting any M1 Carbine by replacing the barrel with modifications of the feed ramp. Johnson advertised this new smaller caliber and the modified carbine as a survival rifle being light, fast handling with a low recoil.

So what was this new caliber all about? The cartridge is based on the .30 Carbine that was necked-down to .22 caliber. With that the Johnson MMJ 5.7mm Spitfire A.K.A. 22 Spitfire, 5.7mm Johnson or 5.7mm MMJ American wildcat cartridge was born.

Today these Carbines are seldom encountered. However, years ago I was very fortunate to stumble onto one. A young fellow had inherited one from an Uncle and was walking around the Rickreall winter gun show with it. When I first laid eyes on it, it just appeared to be a custom stocked M1 Carbine. Several people had looked at it but handed it back after he had told them about the caliber, 5.7mm Spitfire. Well, obviously that made me smile and it went home with me.

Factory ammunition was once manufactured for the Carbine but has long disappeared from the market. However at the last Rickreall winter show I was able to purchase a box from an old friend.

Pictured below is the custom Mannlicher thumbhole stocked Carbine and the box of ammunition. The action has been anodized and I have no idea who completed the work. But I find the Mannlicher style stock to be very handsome and I'm just waiting for some nice weather to take it out for a test drive.


If you happen to have any ammunition or dies laying around for this and want to sell it, please contact me.

spitfire 1.jpg spitfire 2.jpg spitfire 3.jpg spitfire 4.jpg
Finally went out and shot my Springfield 1873 Trapdoor carbine parts gun. It was likely cut down from a rifle but it is an 1873 with a serial number of 11XXX so I figure it is about 150 years old. I shot some HSM 45/70 cowboy loads through it as I haven’t gotten around to reloading with black powder substitute yet. It was a lot of fun once I got past the “will it blow up in my face?” part… :)

I also shot my m1895 Chilean Mauser in 7mm. Its in really nice shape for being 127 years old.

Fun Fact: Both these rifles were ordered off the internet and delivered right to my home… :)

10F825E0-4111-4180-969F-D83112392397.jpeg BFB7DDB2-389C-4B63-9CC0-AD67C2F721A2.jpeg 3A5DEC0B-AC5D-47AA-885A-6FEE6FD3C48B.jpeg 243728F6-4FC3-447F-9E3B-92D52C97CF00.jpeg 6EEEE635-BB6D-4E58-8045-B367FC2884FE.jpeg

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You got it that quick?!?! That's pretty quick order to reception. You went "Expert Grade" didn't you?
Yes to both. :)

And if one should find ruffians have ingressed upon one's terrace, it is a fine way to advise said to remove themselves posthaste. Or if one has a penchant for brevity, "Get off my lawn!"

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