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How do you like that Break-down .22 setup?
Saw something about that in a monthly newsletter the other day.
Seem like a secure setup when broken down?
How is it to break-down / assemble?
The stock affect accuracy at all?
Expensive mod?

How do you like that Break-down .22 setup?
I like it quite a bit, although I've only had it for a couple months.

Seem like a secure setup when broken down?
Yep, the base of the barrel rests in a rubber cup at the end of the stock and the forward end of the hand guard locks in to the cutout. To release it from the folded position just pinch the buttons on both sides of the hand guard and it comes apart.

How is it to break-down / assemble?
Really easy takes about 5 seconds to go either way.

The stock affect accuracy at all?
I'm sure it doesn't have the potential to be as accurate as a non-breakdown 10-22 but it's more then accurate enough for what I will use it for.

Expensive mod?
Mine came from the factory with the backpacker stock already installed but if you already have a 10-22 breakdown you can get the Backpacker kit from Magpul for around $150.
...my parents moved up here to Lincoln city and I now have posession of my childhood firearms..
Not childhood: PSA ar15, m1a supermatch, dpms ar10
Childhood: walther ppk, hk usp45, colt 1911 series 80 mk4 natl match, sw sigma 40, beretta 92 m9, sw 357, sw 629 classic 44, cimarron 44 sa

Had the pistol lower just collecting dust in my safe, co-worker/friend wanted an AR/AK pistol and decided to go with the AR "platform" in 5.56 so I helped him out.

Aero lower with a basic lower build kit, a nice SB tactical brace, and a PSA 10.5" upper and BCG. All it needs is a rear sight and a red dot (he wants a TRS-25).

I made him a good deal on the lower ( and FYI ATF, I will be FFLing this lol ) and the whole build is under $350.

I am not making a dime off of this, just helping out a friend and putting another evil full semi auto out there in the hands of a fellow citizen, just to piss off the protectionists lol.


Battlefield pickup circa July 1876 near the Little Big Horn river... :)

View attachment 601719

This is actually my latest addition to my military history collection. It is a parts gun but represents a Custer era Springfield 1873 trapdoor carbine. Once I handload some 45-70 cartridges, I will post some videos. :)
Here's mine. Made in 1881.

Just about the most fun to shoot of any rifle I have. Don't know exactly why. I think maybe the combination of history, beauty, ergonomics and having to actually DO something while shooting besides press the trigger. Whatever the reason, it's just fun!
I swear I saw you when you were haggling with the guy that had that rifle. I was kinda looking over your shoulder and listening in a bit. Didn't want to stand and stare too long and appear creepy. :D I've got a thing for those Remington rolling blocks. I have one that's a non shooter that some have suggested I should look into getting something done it.
Were you at that OAC show? Should have introduced yourself!


My jungle carbine came back freshly bead blasted and parkerized from @Velzey yesterday. The parkerizing is deep black and it came out great.

This morning I oiled it up with some 30 weight and I'll let it sit until next weekend. Then I'll clean it and reassemble it.
I stripped and refinished the wood already, so now I just have to be patient.

BTW, it sucks being patient. ;)

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