Shoulder holster rig/clothes?

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by NoviceSquared, May 2, 2012.

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    Okay, I just don't think I'm an IWB guy, and I don't want to go the OWB route. So I'm going to try out a shoulder holster and get some snap-up shirts.

    Could you guys recommend some good shoulder-type holsters?

    I was thinking of getting this:

    ULTRA Concealed Carry Holsters For Firearms 4-7" Overall Length

    I like how the pistol and mag pouch are held tight against the chest. I don't want things flopping around too much.

    Also, any recommendations for good (hopefully cheap) snap-up shirts?

    My budget for the holster and 3-4 shirts is around $200.


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