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Should you mix JHP & FMJ ammo in the same mag?

OK, So I was at the range a few weeks back and overheard a convo about how a guy fills his mags with both JHP (Jacketed Hollow Point) & FMJ (Full Metal Jacket). His premise was that if he needed more penetration he's have it on hand as he stacked his mags with alternating ammo types.

I have my own opinion on this, but curious what others might say.


I guess it’s along the same thinking of having birdshot in the tube, followed by buckshot then slugs.


You could but I don't.

I do keep a glock happy stick next to my house pistol with 124g FMJ in it as well as a spare 17 round with HP's.

I figure if I've gone thru 17 rounds of hp's then I probably will be shootings thru something - hopefully not.
I heard that advice when I carried a 380 pistol, "candy cane" load, but think it is a bad idea. Different ammo may have a different point of impact out of your gun. I favor shot placement over penetration. There are a lot of barrier blind defensive ammunition choices out there such as Critical Duty or Extreme Defender. Choose one and stick with it.
Curious, why do people feel they need to mix in FMJ's for a defensive situation? I'd like to see examples of where body armor was used because I can't remember hearing of it being used during a SD situation.
I've been hearing reports from buddies in San Antonio that Texas has been having some armed home-invasion crews start wearing vests.

Hence my embrace of Mk 262 for AR pistols...
I suppose that's just one more argument for head shots. Not that head shots needed any more argument. :D
Mozambique, not just a place in Africa... :D Mk 262 77-gr OTM will penetrate soft armor, Mk 262 in the snotlocker and "Say Goodnight Gracie."
Are people even using soft armor anymore? I know LEO does merely for the sake of all day comfort, but "bullet proof vests" are about as retro as acid washed jeans these days. :D


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