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$13,000 ammunition donation from Walmart controversial among Northampton city councilors

Town Council is debating whether to accept a $13k gift of ammo, which would be for practice, for their police department.

""This body has said they only have the power of the purse. But if Walmart wants to supply endless guns and ammunition, the power of the purse is worthless," said attorney Dana Goldblatt. "I don't think these are my values or your values. I would say these are Walmart's values.""

"In a 6-3 vote, the council decided to send the gift acceptance for further discussion by the City Services Committee at its Jan. 7 meeting. Bidwell and councilors David Murphy and James Nash were the dissenting votes."
Yes who in their right minds wants cops to practice with their guns. They're all well trained professionals already. More so than a citizen with a gun who will surely murder three nuns before sunset.
I swear getting elected to public off must have some retrograde effect on a persons DNA. It seams like no matter what once they are in office they go at least half brain dead.
Northampton, MA is a liberal hotbed.
Granola people.
They will probably trade the ammo for Nerf bats and water pistols.


However it's situated rite smack dab in the middle of New England heroin/gang central.

While an intern in a Springfield hospital, we were advised of several areas & towns around simply not to go through, especially at night. Most south of and abutting Northampton.

It's only gotten worse since then. Much much worse.
Wow looking at how small Northampton, MA is why do they need $13K worth of ammo?

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