Should I try out this trade?

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by sapper77, Feb 16, 2013.

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    I have an SAR1 in excellent shape. Its about 5 mags through it and comes with original wood stock, plus a Kvar warsaw stock set in black, and a side folding stock (not cheap tapco-Its an original com block one). I have about 15 mags (most are new) with 2 circle 10 ones included, and about 1000 rounds of wolf and wolf classic.

    - I was thinking about trying to trade it for a .308 platform with a few mags. something like an AR10 or even an FAL. Should I just keep what I have or try to find a trade for a .308 platform?
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    Nono sir, you've got a great rifle. Id stick with the sar and mags and just save or trade off.other things for the .308 rifle.

    There isn't a huge benefit to the semi auto .308 over the 7.62x39 in terms of a battle rifle. The x39 is more than adequate, even for hunting. If you wanted distance utilizing the semi auto .308 id go after a bolt action.

    Not to mention most parts are going to be harder to find now and potentially indefinitely
    The G3 and FAL variants will have more common parts and magazines than the .308 ARs.

    IMO, id save for a nice PTR or FAL and save your SAR.
    However, if you aren't partial to the AK platform id think a straight trade for all you mentioned above would be fair. Depending on the manufacturer and condition of the potential FAL a cash difference will probably make up the rest.

    If your AK has appreciated in "Crisis Value" you can only imagine the .308 battle rifles have as well, and most likely to and amount greater than or equal to your AK.
    However, the amount of magazines and spare furniture do add a huge "crisis value" to your package.

    I'm an AK guy so I say keep it...but sell (or donate) me your magazines. :)

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