I am interested in picking up an inexpensive shotgun and familiarizing myself with it. Possibly I would use it for hunting sometime in the future, and occasionally to shoot clays. I see some affordable single shot shotguns that have a fixed full choke. Is it true that steel shot is usually required for hunting and is it true a full choke is too much constriction for steel shot? And what about shotguns for turkey hunting with extra full choke - what are people doing or going to do when lead shot is unavailable? Thanks for sharing any information on this.
I'm not sure about Oregon(so check the ODFW website to be sure) but if they are like Washington then there may be some hunting areas where you are restricted to using steel shot only.

I have heard good things about the Stevens 301 single shot, and it looks like they can be found for under $200 bucks and in 12 or 20 ga.

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