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Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Pandaz3, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Pandaz3

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    I am not a shotgun aficionado. I own a Remington 887 Nitro as I got a good deal on it at the time and it seems 'Tacticool' Really I was looking more at capacity as I am not a hunter, just a defender. I believe in using a AR for home defense a lot more than a shotgun, but as a matter of practicality I primarily use hand guns for that role. I carry in the home!

    That said I am acquiring two more shotguns thru a membership drive at Front Sight. The first is a IAC Hawk 12 Ga Pump, and the second is a Mossberg 930 SPX, a 12 Ga autoloader. Both are Tactical or home defense models. I have used Google, Bing and Yahoo along with You Tube to see a little on these.

    The Warden and I will eventually attend a shotgun course at Front Sight. I think we need to broaden our horizons and ability and this should be good for both of us. She is going to have to use a 12 Gauge as they are all 12 Gauge.. I don't have enough personal shotgun experience to know which is best for training.

    I am thinking for that type of a defense course that using the ones with the most capacity (Remington and Mossberg) would be best. Another consideration would be a manual action (pump) would be better.

    So what are your thoughts for our education? Should we include the Mossberg or not?
  2. Joe13

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    Stick with pumps when you go to training - anyone can pull the trigger fast on a Simi-auto.
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  3. Capn Jack

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    I have a Winchester 1200 SS Marine Riot gun. It's a pump with rifle sights. Personally I prefer a pump action over a semi-auto as you can shoot a variety of loads. I've yet to try the new "Short" cartridges, but
    for my boating use, it would hold 7, 12 GA. Star Shells. I used to tell people, if I've got problems, I want to light up the sky..:eek:
  4. IheartSig

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    We used the Mossberg 590A1 in the Marines. In Security Forces it was a qualifying weapon. I will always prefer a pump for training. It involves you more in the process of shooting multiple targets, remembering your load stack / stagger etc. I love the 590 and I now own two. For the money, in my opinion, you cant find a better combat shotgun.
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  5. Lance Jacobs

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    The IAC Hawk is a piece of junk made in China. It is basically a clone copy of the Remington 870 with a fixed, non-adjustable Improved Cylinder Choke. The 870 was brought to market back in 1951, and its patent protection is thus long expired now. So the Chinese are now free to copy it.

    In contrast, the Mossberg 930 SPX is quite a good American made shotgun, and should serve you very well.

    Semiauto shotguns are far superior to pump actions for self-defense, and not just because they are so much easier to operate. Recoil on a gas operated shotgun is going to be much milder and easier to control than what a pump gun will generate. So recovery time, and you ability to get back on target will be superior for TWO REASONS: faster recovery time from the recoil, and the fact that you can simply focus on your aiming and staying on target, without having to worry about the distraction of operating the action.

    For most people, though, a lightweight AR-15 carbine in .223 is going to be the far superior weapon to use. The gun will be dramatically lighter and shorter, and thus easier to handle, especially in confined quarters. Recoil and muzzle blast will be only a tiny fraction of what the shotgun will generate. Put a good muzzle brake on the AR like the Large Profile Compensator made by JP Enterprises, and the recoil will be even less, and yet you will still have a muzzle blast only a fraction of what a shotgun produces.

    While it is true that nothing is more devastating than a load of Buckshot at close range, a 223 round at close range is awfully devastating, especially if you use ammo with an expanding bullet. Take a look at Federal's new 223 Fusion MSR ammo, if you have not already done so.

    If you live in a heavily urban area and are real concerned about penetration or ricochets, try some ammo that uses the 50 gr Hornady VMAX bullet, It will not ricochet or penetrate deeply, but can produce some truly horrific massive wounds in living flesh.

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  6. muskoka

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    I've never shot or even held one, but the Mossberg 930SPX has been well-reviewed, and I would be inclined at all times to choose an American made firearm over one from China, Turkey or wherever else.

    Mossberg 500, an excellent shotgun with a great value price, will do anyone well.
  7. Pandaz3

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    I did not have a choice with the Hawk, it was the base gun in that promotion and in the second promotion there were options and I was able to choose the Mossberg 930.

    But I did not realize the Autoloaders were usually considered 'softer shooting'. I got it as I was not certain the Warden, (Wife) would take well to a pump action. I wanted an alternative in hand should that be the case.

    in other news I just found out there is a recall on some Remington 887's (Like mine) so I will have to call to see if mine is one of them and if I need to do something further
  8. Dyjital

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    I have a 590A1 Blackwater

    Few reasons:
    With a side saddle it holds a lot
    It's heavy and holds recoil well
    It's robust
    Heavy barrel
    Metal everywhere
    It's a pump
    disassembly needs no tools (for the most part)
  9. AngryRedTicTac

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    It's interesting that they are only recalling the last couple years guns. That recall is for real, my friend took a 3 1/2 magnum load recoil with his bicep when his fired, happened 2 years ago at our new years shoot. We have it on video, his finger was very clearly NOT on the trigger. They had him ship it to them, they listed a few items on the work list, supposedly works fine now, though nobody has bothered to shoot it much since then...
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  10. Pandaz3

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    My 887 is okay according to Remington having been made in April 2013, the recall only is for the December 2013 and later models.

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