Shotgun Drag races December 10 2016

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    Shotgun only match
    December 10th
    Four Corners rod and gun club
    Where: 7695 Babcock St SE, Salem, Oregon 97317
    This shoot is open to everyone
    $ 5.00 members $ 7.00 non-members
    Gets open 7:30am setup (we could use your help)
    Pattern board opens 8:30am
    Match begins 9:00am
    This will be a drag race first one knock over all their targets wins the round
    2 shooters compete at the same time in a VS match
    16 steel targets each first one to knock over 16 targets wins the round
    This event is a fun and fast paced event

    Gun: Shot gun only
    This is an open class
    Type example: Home and personal defense, Sporting, hunting, Military,
    Actions: Semi-automatic, pump action, break action, lever action, other
    410ga, 20ga, 12ga

    Ammo: Lead loads only --> 7 ½ or smaller shot
    Field loads, high brass, hunting loads, trap loads
    50 rounds
    If we have time we will keep running so bring more ammo

    Reminder to all members and guests
    No steel shot
    Shotguns using bird shot is only allowed during a scheduled event like this

    Match director: Dave Kopecky

    Shotgun Only Match
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