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Hello Everyone,

I just had to share this with you all. I went to Big 5 and picked up a Mossberg 500 for 279 and then added a Houge Tamer pistol grip(30), a heat shield(25), picatinny rail(10), a laser mounted on the rail(40), a barrel mount picatinny rail(15), a bayonet(40), a side saddle shell holder(30) and some cool looking gold colored shells. I plan on adding a tri-rail forearm next. Thanks for checking it out.

Tactical shotgun 001.jpg

Tactical shotgun 007.jpg

Tactical shotgun 005.jpg
That is really different. Never seen a bayonet like that on a shotgun before, looks good man.... Only thing I added to my 500 was a KNOXX pistol grip. I got mine used for $150 and I love it.
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