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I have a couple shotguns: a Mossberg HS410 and a 590 SP. I have four kids and since they're all teenagers, it's really hard to corral them for some range time and extended training on how to use one in a HD situation. My wife and kids are all much shorter than I. The HS410 feels like a toy to me, but my wife can't stand the 590, despite it having the Knoxx stock (recoil reduction and LOP adjustment.) She also has a problem getting a good cheek weld, and being a cross shooter, it only has a bead up front and doesn't point where she thinks it is (very bad thing at indoor ranges!) so I'm looking for options that will make it more intuitive and still easy to use. I'd rather them use the 12ga, but if the 410 fits them better, it's better than nothing. I'm considering grinding off the useless bayonet lug so I can fit the Surefire lighted forend and finding some sight system that's easy to use, but I've been going back and forth between ghost rings and red dots.

Since my goals are ease of use with those who rarely get to the range, I need simplicity, safety, and ease of use. At the least, they'll likely just have gotten some familiarization with how they work, and at best, some time on the range, but kids don't always have the wherewithall in a panic situation to remember things that aren't so immediately obvious.

Are there any recomendations for this kind of situation for sights that are not likely to snag being pulled out of a closet full of clothes, and still give me a warm fuzzy that my kids will be able to work the shotgun in a moment of panic?
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