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Discussion in 'Ammunition & Reloading' started by thorborg, Feb 9, 2015.

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    After looking for over a year for the Agula mini shells in local gun shops plus being on an E mail list @ Midway, I finally acquired the little buggers (from Midway) in slug and buck shot.
    Twofold were the reasons;
    1. Spec's claim plenty of damage to bad guy in close home proximity.
    2. My cut down to just over legal single shot, leaves not enough mass to take the kick out regular loads for an old guy to fire without using a shoulder to rest against.
    As an aside, (doesn't apply to a single shot) you can put more rounds in some guns.
    I have shot five each (slug & buck) so far, from my unfinished cut down beast and when finished, I'll run another ten or so thru to come to grips so to speak, and eventually end up with twenty or so spent shells.
    My question is; Are the spent shells reloadable?
    And if so, will anyone want them, or should I recycle them?
    They will be put up free when I get that far if they have any reload use.

    By the Bye; they were fun to shoot, very little recoil, at fifty feet, the buck patterned 5 " X 14" (1 of 8 flier)
    and the slug 4 out of 5 on a 10" pattern (flinching from the shoulder and without any sights)
    both with plenty of damage to a 1/2 in plywood back stop.
    All in all a pretty good show I thought. I would not want to be shot with these things at inside a house distances. Nor at fifty feet for that matter.
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    The short hulls are reloadable. BPI has a flier that gives info on how to do it.

    Will have to readjust your reloading press to handle them or just reload by hand. I've heard some people have better luck roll crimping instead of folding the tops again.


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