WTS WA Short Barrel AR-57

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    Making room in the safe for other stuff. This is an AR-57 SBR in 5.7X28 built on a Bushmaster lower. Includes 11 inch and 6 inch barrel ( pictured with not included silencer under the handguard ) , 4 qty 50 round FN P90 magazines ( plus one 40 round AR mag for a brass catcher ) . . 5X Burris AR-536 Prism Sight included that clears the mags nicely.. This is a form 1 gun built when I lived in Oregon. F1 engraving was done by Veritas machine and was done under the trigger guard and blackened as discrete as is possible. All NFA rules apply. I can help you in drafting a trust or you can go traditional signoff or wait until the new rules kick in . Contact me for the options.

    $1000 plus the stamp.


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