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    Hope this is in the correct spot. If not, feel free to move to where it should be.

    Hey guys, looking for some input on shops.
    I will be visiting Eugene again this summer with the GF, and was hoping to visit some shops along the way. Not looking to get too far off track, along the I-5 corridor, between the Border of Freedom and Eugene/Springfield. Mostly thinking of Ashland, Medford, Grants Pass, Roseburg. I am not much of a hunter, just a general gun loving guy, so maybe not hunting specific type of places.

    Some rifles and handguns are going to make the trip with me, and I am planning on doing some shooting. It will be nice to be able to actually drop mags for a change and not unbolt them. The Emerald Empire Gun Club in Springfield looks like a nice place, and at $10 a day, the price can't be beat. Are they generally friendly to those with AR type of rifles? You have to imagine how bad things are down here. At several outdoor ranges, they tend to be more "wood gun" type of places, and look a bit sideways at the EBRs. Combine that with the stricter laws, and there is usually inspections to verify that you are in compliance. So forgive me if I am completely HUA about what it is like in a free state.

    Of course, open to suggestions of other places to shoot in the area as well.

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    Check out Doc Holliday's gun shop in Grants Pass. I know there are at least two ranges there as well but don't have any further info on them.

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    JCSA Gun Range And Shooting Range In Grants Pass Southern Oregon

    thats just north of Grants Pass and where I shoot

    I personally will not recommend Doc Hollidays....I have been boycotting them since the Dec 2012 ammo shortage where they were selling 20 round boxes of PMC .223 for $25
    and more than 3k for a Olympic AR

    Bradburys and Fox are great...and Dr.Phil (I call him) over at Ruscco has forgotten more about guns than I will ever learn
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    Maybe drop the Misses off at the Casino for a spa treatment, cross I-5 and go 3 miles to South Umpqua Rod and Gun Club

    $5.00 for non-members, nice facilities with covered shooting areas, 100 yrd rifle range, quiet on week days.

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