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Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by rufus, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. rufus

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    Yesterday I was at the range having a good time shooting my buck mark. The Bucky has a hard time with cheap bulk ammo when it's cold out. It did not care for Eley Sport at 29 degrees so I was forced to shoot up my cache of CCI.

    I was the only person on the pistol range for some time, in my usual spot on the far right. Another fellow comes along and occupies the far left side, and I notice he is also shooting .22, a Ruger I think.

    About half an hour goes by and a father/son duo show up a few lanes to my left. After we pause so they can setup targets, I hear the dad tell his kid "watch these .22 guys jump when I shoot the .38". I smile to myself and I reach for my S&W 686. As soon as dad is done with his first cylinder of .38s, I hear them laughing until I drop the hammer on the first of six .357 magnums. It sure was quiet after that, until us ".22 guys" got back into our rhythm.

  2. Sabertooth

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    Been at the range with most of the stations where full but one station close to the middle opens up. All the handguns are of small caliber and everyone is doing a good job hitting their targets. I setup my station and wait for a cease fire to put up my target. When the range master gives the go ahead I let loose with eather my .357 or .44 mag. Stations on my left and right almost stop shooting. The next several station on eather side of me start shooting flyer's. My giggle factor for the day.
  3. AMT

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    Fun to do with the Desert Eagle .50 and the S&W 500 Magnum too! :laugh: :thumbup:
  4. Skang

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    lol, nice kill. :bluelaugh:
  5. Burt Gummer

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    That is why I always wear full ear protection even when everyone is firing .22s. You never know when some guy is going to fire off his S&W 500.

    A Place to Shoot in Jantzen Beach is notorious for putting hand cannons and .22 folks right next to each other :( Trying to zero in a .22 at 50' is hard when it sounds like a grenade is going off 4' away, indoors.
  6. drew

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    You can run into that anywhere.

    I've been at ranges where they'd put me with my .44 mag next to someone shooting a .22.

    One guy come over and commented that he felt the air from the. 45acp I was shooting. I told him it would get better. :) Everyone was wearing hearing protection.
  7. hermannr

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    The best range I ever shot at was in Germany. One, completely 25 meter enclosed range for air rifle/pistol next over was strictly (also enclosed, but seperate from the air guns) was a 50 meter .22 only range, third section was 50 meter Center fire pistol, then a 100 meter 22. rifle indoor firing points, outdoor range, and last was a stepped 100 to 600 meter indoor firing points, out door range for centre fire rifle. No problem with big bore disturbing your .22 or air rifle practice.

    Targets were sent out on an automated clothes line to whatever distance you wished. The .22 range had the timed set turning targets available for Olympic style RFP type practice. Super nice place, with gun shop and restaurant attached.
  8. Mark W.

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    LOL at our club the pistol range is on the left side of the Short range. This is an indoor outdoor range where the shooting positions are under cover the gap to the targets is open air and then the target area is covered. 10 yards for pistols and out to 50 yards on the other end.

    You can have guys shooting their pistols on one end and guys playing with their 45-70 Sharps on the other end shooting at 50 yards

    The best I ever did was down in CA in the early 80's shooting my Remington 1858 New Model Army in .44cal Cap and Ball. at a couple of indoor ranges. Some nice HOT loads of 30 grains of 3F black powder. It took about 2 cylinders worth to completely over come the ranges vent system. Nothing like a bunch of whinny semi auto shooters learning to deal with black powder.

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