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Discussion in 'Washington Reviews' started by Northwest Firearms, Jun 10, 2012.

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    I've had a pay-as-you-go monthly member here since January. I really like the facility. It is very clean, well run, safe, the air is well filtered, they have a nice selection of rentals, etc. It is a bit spendy at $50/month for the cancel-at-any-time membership, but might be deemed good value if you're going in 2-3x a month to shoot.

    Recently I acquired a membership at the Seattle Police Athletic Association given that they have a 100-yard rifle range, and so I asked to cancel my membership here to keep my costs down. I made the call before the date for the automatic charge to my credit card for the next month. I was a tad surprised to see a charge on my credit card four days later. So far I have made 2 phone calls and now one email message to get the charge reversed.

    So, I'd give the place 4 stars but -1 star for this simple billing problem.


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