Shooting range close to Salem?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by ioan, Mar 11, 2012.

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    I just got my first revolver yesterday from the Gun Show in Rickreall (a Taurus M850) and I want to try it. The only place I know where I can shoot a gun is close to Snow Peak, in the mountains. Any indoor or outdoor range around where I can shoot my revolver?

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    Congratulations on your new purchase. Maybe sign up for a safety class or two. :thumbup:

    The closest indoor range is in Lebanon.

    Next best range is Albany Rifle Pistol club. Outdoor range.

    Otherwise, it is a trip to the hills. But Please clean up ALL your mess.... take out what you took in Plus more....

    P.S. Please don't shoot glass anything...

    Stay Safe.
  3. Mark W.

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    You could look into membership at Four Corners Rod and Gun Club off State Street just east of Salem. It is a Private club.

    Four Corners Rod and Gun Club
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    And for future reference... if you drive down to Springfield to Baron's Den Gun Shop they have an indoor range and they rent guns. So you can try out all the other guns you will inevitably want to buy.

    The Baron's Den & Shooting Range | Eugene, OR

    To be fair.. I should say that there is another place that rents guns up north about the same distance. I believe it is

    Public Safety Training Center

    but I've never been there. And I'm not 100% that they rent guns, but I think they do.
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    Four Corners has a really good pistol range. There are some pain in the butt members that like to goose step around and bark orders, but if you can put up with that the pistol range is better than Tri County. On the other hand if you like to shoot rifles, Four Corners is about as lame as they come. You have to shoot through barrels to reduce noise and their max range is 200 yards, which really sucks. If you are into rifle shooting, Tri County is the place to be. The 50/100 yard range has lights so you can even shoot at night. They have a nice 200/300 yard range, and even offer 600 yard shooting on certain days.

    Tri-County has an action range you can shoot pistols on, but you have to get certified on it. I've heard it is pretty good.

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