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Capn Jack

This young man turned 18 on 9/24 and on this date bought his first rifle, some iron sites, and a few boxes of ammo with money he earned over the summer: Ruger AR-15 MPR. Due to many factors, this last Sunday was his first day to shoot it at the range and start zeroing his sites. We WILL NOT be discussing that it took over 100 rounds at 5 shots each to accomplish this zero because dad was dialing the sites the wrong direction and could not figure out why it was not hitting paper even though dad is aware of FORS (hangs head in shame). Following that and getting it zeroed at 25 yards for now he accomplished this with 15 rounds:

View attachment 1062366

He was then offered an opportunity to shoot this Tikka 6.5 Creedmoor by a couple of young men who had been watching him. First time shooting anything like this and that smile is still on his face:

View attachment 1062367

They also had a Bergara 6.5 behind him (in picture), but his adrenaline was already pumping after the Tikka.
You make the kid hold the target? :eek: :rolleyes:
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How accurate is a savage out of the box?

Savage 110 Tactical in 6.5 creedmore with 6-24 HS-T. Shot from the bench at Clark rifles this morning Hand loaded 140g ELD-M over 40.0g H4350. Shot 4 round to zero rifle at 100y, followed by 3 round group at 100y. Load was not specialty worked up for the rifle but was just my starting load.

End conclusion, savage 110's are stupid accurate right out of the box.

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