Shooting magnum rifles with blood thinner meds


I have a stint in my coronary artery now and have to use Plavix and Zarelto for the rest of my days. I shoot a lot of .270 and .30-06. I bruise pretty easy now. Big ugly purple marks, but I have learned to live with it. I would be hard pressed to just stop shooting. I have to be extra careful to avoid nicks and cuts because they bleed for ever. I carry some slot stuff with me now. I would be most worried about internal damage with the 7mm Mag. I now shoot a .243 and a 6.8 a lot. Will hunt whitetail with both until I fill my tags. Good luck!
Yeah, i have a 6.8spc and 270 as well. Wondering if it'd be better to sell my 7mm and build an elk rifle on the lr308 platform. Kinda worried what that 7mm will do to me now. Shot my brother's 7mm 2 weeks ago and remembering the kick. Not a fan of the potential damage it may do.


Anyone shooting 7mm mag rifles while on blood thinner meds? My doc made it sound pretty bad now that I'm on thinners and has me wondering if my 7mm mag will cause too much bruising or internal damage.

Any thoughts?
Sounds like it's time to quit shooting and donate all firearms to a worthy cause like myself.

Actually some solid advice, you do need to exercise caution as we all know. A little extra padding, maybe a limbsaver and some lighter loads may help.
Anyone shooting 7mm mag rifles while on blood thinner meds? My doc made it sound pretty bad now that I'm on thinners and has me wondering if my 7mm mag will cause too much bruising or internal damage.

Any thoughts?
Suppressor. Cut down on the concussion and shock wave of the shot. Tames the shot not just in sound but in some of the recoil too. Bullet will still be supersonic so still loud but you will take a large chunk of the sting out of the blast. A decent .30 cal can work great with 7mm.

Not 7mm mag of course but I can shoot .308Win all day long with a can and no sore shoulder. In fact, I rarely shoot my rifle calibers not suppressed. Just makes shooting that much more enjoyable.


Pretty much what others said above. You can also add weight to help tame recoil. Last consideration is to consider a round with a lighter recoil that still gets the job done based on your needs.

Believe it or not the 7mm-08 doesn't give up that much to the magnum, IMO 80+% of the bite with half of the bark. Even at longer ranges bullet selection can keep it in the game. Don't forget that the soft shooting medium sized 6.5 mm's might be able to get the job done.


If you are going to shoot yourself that would be bad.... :)

We typically recommend against activities that would risk life threatening bleeding. like playing football or juggling chainsaws. A head injury could turn deadly on blood thinners for example.

Stuff that causes bruising is just bruising. It looks bad but is not dangerous in itself. Im not your doctor but if I was anticoagulated I would not have a problem with going out to the range myself.
Maybe it depends on what drug you're taking but I have very little impact from Eliquis (Apixaban). I do get some bruising from normal household chores or working in the yard but those are usually from a direct impact or scrape of some sort - think clearing blackberry vines, hauling gravel in a wheel barrow or cleaning out the gutters. I shoot regularly - 7mm Mag being my "go to" hunting rifle, but a box of 3" magnum shells isn't that uncommon to go through on a duck hunt (I miss sometimes :)).

I have never had any bruising or soreness from shooting. The only thing I do (and my cardiologist know about it) is I do not take the Eliquis when I'm off hunting in some remote place (Beatys Butte for instance). Instead I switch to Asprin for the trip - it lowers my protection from 95% to 60% but it's a chance I'm willing to take for the obvious risk management.

Don't let the cure be worse than the problem :)




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