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Shooting in/around Yamhill

Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by darkminstrel, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. darkminstrel

    darkminstrel PDX Well-Known Member

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    My wife and I found a very nice rent-to-own on land out in Yamhill...well, very out west of it, and I was curious if any locals to the area can speak on the viability of shooting on one's own land. The best part is that a hundred metres or so out from the house there is a tall hill that would make a perfect berm with a little cut-out.
  2. MilitaryMan84

    MilitaryMan84 Mcminnvile, Oregon Member

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    My Parents and Grand parents have thier own land 5 minutes outside Yamhill. I was shooting out there with no problems. Just be aware of what is on the other side of that hill.
  3. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox Puyallup, WA Well-Known Member

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    Make friends with your neighbors. You don't want an ex-kalifornian calling the Sheriffs office on you.

  4. fromotoc

    fromotoc Downtown Portland, OR Member

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    Get some suppressors and you won't have any noise problems.
  5. krazed

    krazed Yamhill Member

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    In rural areas your neighbors will probably be more self sufficiant and gunfire should not be a problem. As you get to know more local people you may run into the odd ex-kalifornian. If they don't like the sound of a gunshot then the sheriff probably already knows the whiners. :D
    Just be careful, considerate and legal.
  6. sinco54

    sinco54 Portland OR Member

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    WTF is this smack talk about Ex Kalifornian crap?? Im born and bred in so cal and have probably heard more gun shots in urban residential settings then you have shot in the last year.. Its been my experience that its the oregon native hippies that are complainin about anything like that!

    :) jus sayin.. But on another not to stay ontopic, get to know your neighbors, make sure you know whats beyond your target and you shouldnt have a problem. I live in Lafayette and we shoot all the time on some property we have permission and access to and the owner happens to be an ex kalifornian also. lol