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    Evening Ladies and Gentlemen all, tac here in far-off yUK with something to cheer you up [if it's raining] - that's excluding Tillamook County, where it's always raining.

    Over on a yUK-based website called airgunbbs - an excellent site BTW, and not limited to airguns - I'm embroiled in a discussion about lubes, wad and lubes OR wads, wads and lubes AND filler, how many, if at all and so on. For the record, as detailed by the late Mr Colt, I use neither in BP revolvers, and never have, nor filler, either, for what it's worth.

    There are, as with every site, those for whom the basics, as detailed by men who made the guns and used them to defend their lives or opinions, are not good enough, and I confess to getting these worthies firmly in my sights, and taking the Micky unmercilessly. They rarely respond, sadly, as they either lack the wit or the necessary degree of sarcastic reply to satisfy me. They are, not to put too fine a point on it, fish in a barrel.

    Here is the latest in a whole string of 'awfully serious' resplons - just to show you what I have to deal with over words in italic, BTW -


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    Originally Posted by Turnup
    The wash down is to remove/neutralise unburnt BP and the grease which gets everywhere. H&S allege that both will accumulate to become a fire hazard. I am a little dubious on this but if you are responsible for the running of a range any organisation is open to grief if they don't follow best advice, so there it is. Not deemed necessary for indoor ranges using only nitro powders, but following an accident where a vacuum cleaner (gently) exploded from accumulated unburnt nitro, the H&S advice is to use vacuum cleaners which are designed to work with combustible powders - Dyson and Henry being examples. We live in a risk averse culture.

    WRT lead being self lubricating in steel, I wonder why pretty much every lead bullet has lubrication cannelures, even those designed for use with BP, most commercially available bullets are ready lubed, and I have never seen commercial lead ammunition with unlubed bullets (it may exist, but it is exceedingly rare)? Personal experience is that un-lubed lead will leave lead deposits inside the bore, and lube reduces it muchly. Not much experience with jacketed bullets so no comment on that front.
    I'm not too bright these days, old age and infirmity having taken a toll of my sensibilities, such as they were. But I find it very strange to think of people on their hands and knees,scrubbing the floor of a gun range. END QUOTE by Turnup.

    Luckily, I spend a great proportion of my time not living here, where such embarrassments are inflicted on law-abiding citizens at the behest of a bunch of nannies in grey suits.

    I personally would have paid money to have seen the exploding vacuum cleaner. However, I'm guessing that this was a one-time event, rather than an every-night conclusion to an otherwise relatively safe evening of shooting. Nothing like setting a prohibition after a single, one-off incident. However, I'm cheered up immensely by the mental image of your fellow gun club members on their hands and knees scrubbing away at the floor of your range.

    Good luck with that, and don't forget to wear gloves, right? We don't want chapped 'housewife handies', do we?

    Apropos your last point, you might care to take a break from spreading the contents of a bucket over your floor, and examine any lead ball for canelures. I have yet to see ANY pre-lubed ball on sale here, or anywhere else. But, like most other folks of a similar mindset, I'm not here just to pass on the good news, but also to learn from the better-informed. I've only been shooting unlubed ball from BP revolvers since the middle 1960's, as detailed by Messrs Colt, Remington and others, so I would expect my revolvers from that time to have a bore that would barely permit a sewing needle to pass down it. Needless to say, this is not the case.

    Lots of guns and trains.

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    Sorry about the huge stuff at the end - I have NO idea where it came from.

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    Hey my momma lives in Tillamook and I've never seen it rain there ever.. for reals.
    But anyway, cute play on loving the/caring for the floor all martial/dojo style en-masse.
    And edit. What an awesome contribution by anyone's book. Thank you and please forgive my uppityness all.
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