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I took my grandson and one of his friends out shooting on Sunday May 27th.
We left the house at 9:30 in the morning and returned home around 7:30pm. The kids had a really good time. They shot a few handguns couple or rifles and a shotgun.
They really went through a bunch of ammo, it's time to get more reloaded up. The weather was nice and comfortable.
We had the whole upper pit to ourselves.
Two guys were set up in the lower pit. They left after a couple of hours. About half an hour another guy came and set up in the lower pit.
I picked up all of the spent shotgun hulls in both pits and there was only a gallon and a half or them.
We did pick up thirty pounds of brass, mostly 9mm and 223.
This past weekend I went up to the Sultan Basin shooting spot and helped out with the clean up.
That pit was a total mess. It took us a little over three hours to get it 100% clean.
Twenty-five people signed up for the clean up. There was a few people who came and helped out but didn't register.
We had perfect weather for the clean .

I am organizing a pit clean up for the two pits up in Darrington on the Suaittle River Road.
It will take place on July 15th at 9am.

We should Get back out shooting this coming weekend.

20230529_143407.jpg 20230529_144812.jpg 20230529_160639.jpg 20230529_164335.jpg 20230529_181138(0).jpg
Another good day at the pit. We met a friend and his grandson at the small Suaittle River Road shooting pit at 8am this morning and it was already occupied so we went to the big pit and that was also occupied so we went to another pit to get some shooting done.
The grandkids shot for about four hours. They did good hitting the targets and soda cans full of water.
We also had a bunch of gallon milk jugs full of water for targets.
We picked up 2 three gallon buckets of spent shotgun hulls.
Now we are back home it's time to start getting more ammo ready for next weekend.

20230611_090343.jpg 20230611_090440.jpg 20230611_095557.jpg 20230611_111907.jpg 20230611_120629.jpg
Last Sunday afternoon I took my grandson up to the 435th Ave shooting pits. We had the upper pit to ourselves.
He shot for a couple of hours, shotgun and pistols. He did good with the 44mag Ruger Redhawk.
There was a lot of shotgun hulls on the ground. People just don't give a bubblegum on keeping the pits clean.
I wonder what their house looks like.
I we t back up to the 435th Ave pit mid day Monday to pick up spent shotgun hulls for a couple of hours and have a couple of beers by myself.
I did pick up twenty gallons of shotgun hulls from the lower pit. I'll be tossing them in to a friend's dumpster tomorrow so I can use the buckets again on our next trip.
There shouldn't be as many in the upper pit.

20240226_135302.jpg 20240226_135820.jpg
My parents live in Darrington. I'll have to reach out next time I'm heading that way. Always good to meet new gun people. They're out on Sauk Prairie and have an old logging road that runs up behind their property that I shoot on once in a while. It's been washed out toward the top so there's no risk of anybody showing up. The pit is nice, just haven't had the chance to shoot there yet.
We generally use the 435th Ave pit if one of them is open, it they are taken we check out the small pit on the Suaittle River Road.
If the mall pit is occupied we have a few other places to shoot at.
Yesterday afternoon we went to a place up on the Finn Settlement Road for a couple of hours.
My grandson and a friend did all of the shooting.
I need to get in the reloading room and get more ammo made up and I need to hit up Walmart for a couple of 100 packs of 12 gauge ammo and a couple boxes of clay pigeons.

Yesterday my 12 year old grandson got thirty clay pigeons out of thirty. He's a natural at shooting, but years of practice really helped. We will be hitting it again next weekend.


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