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    Question for land owners

    I live in Battleground WA, and and fed up with the shooting ranges here. You have to wait years to get into Clark County and the English Pitt charges an arm and a leg and then you have to put up with a bunch of idiots that are there, watching the people that go there worries me that they can even own a gun let alone fire it. They don't scare me because I can see them shoot and not hit a target at 100 yds.

    Is there anywhere around the SW WA area that is private that has a shooting range of =>500 yds? I shoot long distance, but have to wait several months to go back to Eastern Oregon to shoot long distance, which slows down my loading evolution. I'm also building custom guns for clients and need a place to take them to teach them how to shoot and care for the gun and can't find anywhere to do it properly.

    If anyone has the space, I will gladly pay/work/beg to use an area to zero/sight/test/teach myself and clients. And make sure the area is clean and no trace is left. Would be willing to even build a range to shoot in the weather.

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    It's not SW Washington, but have you checked out Douglas Ridge? The price is reasonable, and it is safe and well run.
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    Please take a look
    WGO Range Map
    If you find one not listed then let me know.
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    Both Douglass Ridge and Tri-County have long-range shooting. DR is I believe up to 1,000 yrds and TCGC is up to 600 yrds.

    You shoudl visit both in person and check out their rules, facilities, etc. before deciding upon one.

    FWIW -- we joined TCGC as we don't plan on shooting beyond 600 yrds and liked their overall set-up, options, focus on safety the best for us.

    Unfortunately, from BG it is about an hour drive to either of these 2 ranges.
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    Just wanted to chime in that I also feel English Pit is crazy expensive and very busy on the weekends. If you can swing weekday mornings I have had the pistol line to myself at English Pit, but its still crazy expensive.

    During the summer I would just run out to Gifford Pinchot, not for long distance shooting though.

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    Not in SW washington but close by is Estecada up the clackamas river. Once you get up to the national forest area you are free to shoot anywhere around the logging trails and there are quite a few areas that you can set up at the distance or close to it you are looking for. Might be an hour to 45 minute drive for you but much closer than anywhere else I know of and a lot of awesome areas cleared out to shoot. Since it is all straight uphill it is easy to make sure that you are in a safe place from other shooters and that you are in a safe place to shoot. A few of the old roads are blocked off to cars and make straight long range practice perfect since you know you are safe with no cars coming and can set up all kinds of targets way down the old uphill roads. My favorite place to shoot when the weather allows it. Went up a couple weeks ago with my cousin and we shot in a few inches of snow. Which reminds me it is a good idea to have at least a vehicle with a good clearance for some of the longer better areas. If not there are plenty of spots you can get to in a regular vehicle. Give it a shot and I am sure you will be happy you did.

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