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How does the boxing and packaging of the firearm work?
Does the shipping FFL handle that for the customer/seller?
That depends on what you and the shipping FFL agree on. Just remember time is money, so the more you request your FFL to do, expect to pay more.

FYI...You do not need an FFL to ship a firearm to an FFL. You can ship a firearm yourself to an FFL. You would just need to follow UPS/FedEx/USPS rules.


For a rifle or shotgun, many FFLs will receive these from an individual. Check with the FFL receiving the long gun in the state where you are shipping it as to whether they will receive from you, and if so, what they need from you to do so, or if they require it to ship from a FFL.

There is a site (shipmygun.com) that is affiliated with BudsGunShop.com IIRC that offers you to purchase prepaid UPS or FedEx labels to ship firearms. Last time I shipped a gun that I paid for the freight, I believe their price was a fair bit lower than paying direct to the carrier. Once you have the gun boxed up securely, with whatever information the receiving FFL requires, and put pre-purchased label (or purchase at the carrier's hub), take it to FedEx or UPS depot for shipping. Not all locations handle firearms. The FedEx depot in Lake Grove (Lake Oswego) just off I-5 does, as does the UPS depot in Tualatin. Also consider/discuss insurance for the shipment.

The FFL I typically use will handle boxing and shipping for a fee. I don't recall the fee being unreasonable, but the few times I shipped a gun that I sold, I handled it myself. If you choose to do so yourself, just make sure you are aware of all federal, state, and any local laws, and any rules of the carrier, and the receiving FFL's requirements.


I shipped three rifles this way. I keep the original boxes and used them as the inner box of a double box setup. I got the outer boxes by taking the original boxes to NW Armory and they let me look through their empty boxes to find ones that would work. I placed foam between the two, then fully sealed with clear packing tape against water damage, the shipping information being under the tape. I sent them all USPS, which did a great job and didn't give me any pushback.
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