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I am in Oregon and about to list some bulk ammo on Gunbroker. Are there any states I can't ship to? I'm not an FFL. Thank you for your advice.
The net makes a VERY, VERY poor choice of places to seek this kind of advice. Anyone can say anything. If you take the advice and end up in front of a black robe they will not care what you read on line.
One way to get a big picture idea is to look at a couple of the big on line sellers of ammo and look at what they say about shipping restrictions. That will give you some idea.
Another thing to take into account is to ship it legally it's an OrM-D. Check with the FedEx and UPS about them taking the shipment from a private person BEFORE you make a sale and then head down to try to ship.

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In short, yes there are places that restrict incoming ammo shipments. You would have to know the jurisdiction of your buyer to research whether it was legal to ship there, or which paperwork was required. Generally speaking to buy handgun ammo one must be 21 and to buy rifle or shotgun ammo 18.


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