Shelf life of Kerosene

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    Kerosene, and lamp oil are essentially just more refined diesel fuel, they remove a lot of the sulfur and long chain hydrocarbons that contribute to foul odors and smoke. As long as you don't get any water in it (which causes algae to grow) it should have a functionally indefinite shelf life. I have a kero lamp at my cabin, the can of kero I use for refueling lamps is probably better than 20 years old and was brought down via pack train from one of the previous owners of the cabin. Other than replacing one wick that was just spent, I've done no maintenance to the lamps, oils, etc.

    In all honesty, I haven't found much need for the stabilizers in storage fuels, vehicles are another matter, but in any steel gas can, as long as it's kept under a slight pressure, no issues. The one thing I do in storage drums is clean them out really good and coat the inside with redkote, this prevents any possible corrosion of the drum, which would eventually lead to pinhole leaks.

    As fuel was dropping to the new record lows, I was burning up a lot of my storage gas, and replacing it with the new cheaper gas, oldest stuff I've burned so far was 3 years old with no stabilizer, kept in steel drums that had a good seal on them.

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