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It's a hell of a market these days. I'm surprised more boutique AR manufacturers aren't hurting. Or, they are, and just not showing their true colors, yet.

The real shame, in my opinion, is how these companies couldn't figure out a way to lower prices to compete with the saturation in the AR15 market.
Saw this on Sharps FB posted about 3 hours ago:

"To put a stop to all the rumors: Sharps Rifle Company has filed Chapter 11, NOT chapter 7 bankruptcy. With a lawsuit from a disgruntled former employee (that has been going on for several years) as well as a few other reasons, it was decided the best thing for the survival of Sharps was to file chapter 11 so we can restructure and move forward! For all you doubters, WE ARE STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL! "

This may be the lawsuit they are referring about:

25-45 sharps was kinda DOA.

Shouldna been. I've toyed with the idea for a long time: enough so that it is on the top shelf of my loading bench as a "dream cartridge" I cobbled together years and years ago. Was gonna do it in an Interarms Mini-Mauser. Then I found out they made that action/bolt face in 7.62x39. Went with a conversion to .25 PPC (6PPC necked up). I call it the .25 Pronghorn Pursuit Cartridge. Matches .250 Savage ballistics in a tiny gun.

This was before I went and bought my Obama consolation prize (an AR).

Now, with perusing SRC's site, the fire is rekindled. A quarter-bore AR!

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