Share Your Wacky, Far Out Firearm Related Builds, Projects, Ideas, Etc.


I have always had a fascination/appreciation for Colt's 1855 pattern rifles, and would love to build a new one that takes more modern black powder cartridges, like .45/70 on up. It should have a side loading gate with empty shell pusher in place of the original oiler that every one removed while, retaining it's black powder loading ram so you could actually load/reload primed brass on the rifle it's self! A nice 5 shot would do nicely and keep things sleek and trim and keep the weight down!

A Mauser 98 chambered in .500 S&W would be slicker then heck, would love to see Ruger build it's M-77 Hawkeye Guide series in this flavor.
A Mauser 98 Carbine chambered in .454 Casull would also be super slick, keep the weight below 6 pounds and we really got something.

Would love to see Ruger bring back it's "Super Magnum" cartridges in it's Super Black Hawk and even Red Hawk line, and also offer them in the M-77 Series Rifles and Carbines. I think there is a pretty big niche for light and handy carbines in those Super Magnum calibers, especially if you can also have a big revolver along side that also takes them!
Can't stand the Desert Eagle pistol, but if they made a PDW or PCC (AR pistol, CZ Scorpion, etc) chambered in .50 AE that takes Desert Eagle mags... well, i just might have to buy it. Especially if it came with extended mags. Practical? No. Fun? Oh yeah.
I've a Polish AK receiver, with Uzi grips, that I'm building into a 9mm, feed by Sten magazines. I'm attempting to make it a "Mad Max" pistol, made from random parts.

Then theres a single shot, open bolt, tube pistol that I'm putting together. I'm using a .22 barrel that I'll chamber for 6mm Flobert/.22 cb cap. Going with a set of Mat49 grips.

I've been thinking about building a Richardson Guerilla shotgun. Basically its just a nice slam fire that's built out of seamless tubing and uses a piece of bar stock as a breech. Having a full wood stock.


Not too wacky, but I have a deep love of stainless and if I had better skills and/or more money, I'd start remaking some of the best rifle designs of the past in stainless. I'd start with the Winchester 9422 in 22lr/l/s. And I'd have them all beautifully engraved too.
I have seen a You Tube video of I know someone has one....

I'd like a belt fed , fully automatic , tripod mounted 12 or 20 gauge shotgun.
Of no real use....but pure fun for shooting.
Add a radar and mount it near the peaks of your house. You’d have a phalanx system to keep sparrows from building all those nests!


I'd like someone to make a revolver "pirate pistol", even if it had to be cocked and manually rotated for each shot.


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