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Tonight's the night everyone! After tonight NWFA's poor website performance should be a thing of the past :D

The migration will begin around 6:30PM PST, at which time the website will be down. The duration of the downtime will vary from person to person once the server is updated, and may range from a few hours to as long as two days. Unfortunately there's nothing we can do about this, it's just the way the internet works. If you have any transactions in progress or any information stored on the website you may need access to in the next two days I recommend you make a note of it, as it will not be accessible.

Feel free to check back often. I'll be posting updates on the migration progress if I'm able, in order to keep all of you in the loop. If you see the status update, that means your system hasn't updated the location of the new server yet. If you see the site as normal, that means your using the new NWFA server.

Joey Link
God I wish! Site is going down now.

Adios, you POS server!! :D

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