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Build Thread serious Glock 21 Short Frame build questions


A buddy recently bought a new Glock 45 acp in "SF" configuration. Since I've abandoned my personal ownership of the marque, have not been following recent developments.

He asked I shoot it & offer comments. He had added a rubber grip contrivance I'd never seen, a sort of thick rubber band around the upper grip area and gave some added support to the 'thumb web area' around the back of the frame, changing the grip angle just enough to make it actually work decently for my old O-frame needs.

While the plate rack fell often enough to both surprise as well as satisfy what ~I~ would expect from a carry gun, the trigger was more than wretched Glock tradition. The little dangly-down safety actually was abusive to my finger pad regardless of position. After 4 magazine downrange, I had to give it back to him.

His inquiry was about the potential for improving the trigger. He's a long term revolver guy, and also quite satisfied with the 1911 style geometry. He admitted the only concern was the same trigger complaint, and he doesn't know what do to improve it.

The pull weight isn't all that big, it's the engagement issues of the safety mechanism.

Given the numerous replacement triggers on the market, who has personal experience with improving that aspect of the Glock? Please specify what maker/style/modification you found effective and beneficial.


Glock triggers do indeed suck, but they aren't the worst I've ever had.

I've been wanting to upgrade mine also... no personal experience yet, other than replacing the connector with a 3.5lb Zev connector and a spring kit. Lot's of polishing to smooth things out but still has some herky jerky that might be caused by the striker sleeve being rough.

I hear great things about the Overwatch DAT trigger from a member here. Have read good things about the Zev adjustable kit.

The flat trigger geometry of replacements seems to fix some of the annoying trigger safety irritation, and it also shortens takeup/pretravel, which is important to me because when I put the center of the web in my hand directly behind the axis of the slide I can't properly reach the trigger safety. It is also said to shorten the overtravel. IDK how that is done since most use a polished OEM trigger bar.
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I've found that a little polishing (".25 trigger job") and a 3.5 connector makes them bearable for me. Smooths them out a bunch but does nothing about the dangly-down safety thingy.
Yeah, a fluff & buff of the factory triggers, and maybe putting a factory " - " connector with the NY1 spring kit in it (which gives a net effect of a smoother trigger of the same pull weight) is all I'd do. I've had guns with the factory minus connector before, they're nice and light for competition rigs, but I don't think I'd carry one without heavier springs. They're perfectly safe, but its a personal taste thing for me.

Apex and Zev make good triggers, so if you/he wants after market, that is where I'd start looking.



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