Series 70 slam fire?

Isn't that why they came out with a Series 80? I haver a Ruger and RIA series 70, had a Para series 80. When you do a detailed tear down for deep clean or whatever you will find extra part in the Series 80. Have fun putting it back together.
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Anyhow, since we have gotten past that, I am having trouble deciding whether or not to get this: ROCK Standard FS - 45ACP | Armscor International, Inc

Or this: GI Standard FS - 45ACP | Armscor International, Inc
Bimart near my house has the GI for 389, and even through COVID I’ve been able to be in and out for BGC. The standard is available new through Buds for 499, which is a better deal than the used one in the classifieds here, even if I bought an equal amount of mags.
I have the cash and the itch. May wait and try to sell something so I can get both. Or buy half a Colt.
For the extra I would go with the Rock. Better sights, front dovetailed in, better trigger, safety, probably a few other things too. Kind of stuff that if you decide to do it later it's FAR more expensive to do to a pistol you already own than to just buy it factory done.
Before the days of Chip McCormick and Kimber, all 1911s had pretty wide tolerances (even Colts). The relationship between the hammer pin and the sear pins could vary a lot and hammers/sears/safeties were also crudely machined. Then add tolerance stacking. Kaboom!
The firing pin block just helped with it being “drop safe”. My concern lied more with malfunction during chambering.
You will be fine. The "stories" of them just going off are just that, stories retold over and over. Most of these are stories retold over and over at the watering hole, then when the net came along with retelling got better all the time:D
Even for a kitchen table butchered one to really malfunction took a LOT of some idiot going at them since they had to over come the half cock notch and the sear engagement. If someone did manage to find one that would fire on chambering a round it was not one that came from a factory that way but the retelling of the stories always sound good :D


Isn't that why they came out with a Series 80? I haver a Ruger and RIA series 70, had a Para series 80. When you do a detailed tear down for deep clean or whatever you will find extra part in the Series 80. Have fun putting it back together.
I owned two Para P14.45... one for action pistol competition, the other for carry. I removed the series 80 block, and used the shim that replaces it, due to its effect on trigger feel and pull.


IMO, there are too many owners that don't know how to completely disassemble and reassemble their 1911/2011. When an owner does, the owner should be examining all parts for wear, weak springs, grit, sludge, etc. The manual safety interface is tiny and replacement safeties and upgrades can be incorrectly fitted, resulting in a safety that doesn't safe consistently. Additionally, the sear/hammer interface is critical and should be sharp and at the correct angle. Too many times there is unnoticed wear, but most often owners buy poorly made or poorly designed kits to sharpen sear ledges, or are ignorant of the proper angle for a sear ledge, resulting in a sear that can drop the hammer when the handgun is jarred.

All handguns should be rigorously safety checked after any modifications.

When I lectured Realtors as a Home Inspector for their Continuing Education classes, they would often ask me what causes the most problems in homes..... "Water, water, remodel contractors, homeowners". Gun owners can be their own worst problem. IMO when wanting trigger mods (that require fitting), either be an accredited armorer, or have one do the work.
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I have had hammer follow too, but it was caught by the half cock notch, the hammer never made contact.

I've carried cocked and locked 1911's for years- In the grand scheme of things, on any given day I'm more likely to get hit by a car, or drown, than suffer a mechanical failure resulting in a true I'll keep rolling the dice.


Free Firearms Safety Course (I-1639 Compliant)
Virtual Webinar (Zoom). Registration Link in the course description.
Seattle, WA, USA
Arms Collectors of SW Washington Gun Show
Battleground Community Center
912 E Main St, Battle Ground, WA 98604, USA
Rimfire Challenge Dec 12th @ DRRC
Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
27787 OR-224, Eagle Creek, OR 97022, USA


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