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This listing is for a Serbu BFG-50 (not RN-50 or BFG-50A) single shot bolt action in 50 BMG with the standard profile 29" barrel.

Used, but has been very well loved and cared for over the years. Accessories on the rifle are few, only the includes aftermarket mono-pod ($100 value) and SWFA 12x scope, and a Hogue AR 15 grip. Comes with 90 rds of Federal American Eagle factory XM33 ammo and 32 rds of Talon Remanufactured M33 ammo(the full set picture shows 53 Talon rds, now 32 after family wanted try it after hearing I was selling it).

Notes for sale:

I prefer to sell all this as a full package and not piecemeal this out.

For sale locally, I can do transfer preferably at TJ's Gun sales in McMinnville, but can transfer at a shop in Portland area. Cash, USPS Money Order or certified check. DM if interested.

This listing also includes all the reloading equipment and supplies to get started reloading 50 BMG.
  • Lee Classic Cast 50 BMG Single Stage Press Kit Product #: 845765 Manufacturer #: 90859 UPC #: 734307908591
  • Hornady Lock-N-Load 50 BMG Powder Measure Product #: 802490 Manufacturer #: 050127 UPC #: 090255501278
  • RCBS Rangemaster 2000. Large scale with 2000gr limit (you will need something like this to weigh brass with powder, most reloading scales won't take the weight)
  • .510 sizing die Lee (needed for resizing the pull down surplus projectiles)
  • Lee Factory Crimp die 50 BMG
  • Sinclair International 50 BMG Primer Pocket Uniformer
  • Little Crow Gunworks World's Finest Trimmer Big Boy Housing/Cutter Assembly SKU LCG-WFTBB-Trimmer
  • 50 cal storage foam (for ammo cans) and prep trays (10ga shotshell reloading trays)
  • Lyman Reloading 50 BMG Case Length/Headspace Gauge
  • Sinclair 50 BMG Bump Gauge
  • Brass: 34 fired and 61 sized/ primed (neck sized)
  • Ammo (loaded):
Federal American Eagle XM33: 9 x 10rd box
Talon Remanufactured: 32
  • Projectiles: About 800 650gr surplus M33 projectiles. 500 sized and obo 300 unsized
  • Primers: 200 CCI #35
  • Powder: Surplus W860 one 8lb jug, and one opened jug (1/6th​ remaining)

20220910_140827.jpg 20220910_090218.jpg 20220910_141200.jpg 20220920_083842.jpg 20220912_135631.jpg
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