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You can get that one here
Sentry Safe Auto Safe, Shooting Supplies, Sentry at Sportsman's Guide

I use this one mounted to the lower door area in my big truck, but could be mounted anywhere. It is mounted so the seat hides it from view when door is shut but can be unlocked while sitting in the seat.
Secure-It Handgun Storage Safe, Shooting Supplies at Sportsman's Guide

I use this one in my other rigs as they have split bench or buckets, where the area behind the seat is easily accessable from the driver seat.
Electronic Locking Quick-Access Safe, Self-Defense & Security, Homak at Sportsman's Guide
Interesting choices. I guess I'm enamored with the Sentry model because it doesn't require drilling holes and I can pull it up into my lap and then tuck it away out of sight. But that's just me :)

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