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Send them to war but forget about them when they get home?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Morpheus, Oct 25, 2012.

  1. Morpheus

    Morpheus Columbia Gorge Anyway, back on the farm.

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    Here is the deal, you don't get to send your men and woman to war, then refuse to help them when they get home.


    I don't care what party you are I'm not talking about the Presidential election, I'm talking about the Senate Republican's who blocked the bill which would have given money to Veterans returning home.

    40 Republican Senators said it would be wrong, because the bill wasn't funded. You draw at too much spending on helping our returning Vet's? REALLY? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!

    Well boys and girls, if you send them to WAR to fight, you MUST take care of them when they get home. OTHERWISE don't send them! This is not a BLUE/RED debate topic.

    There is a smaller House Bill HR 4115 that passed the house, but now is sitting in in a Senate committee. It will help some, but still doesn't do what it needs to do.

    This is crap. Go call your Senator and Representative and bet them around the head and shoulders.
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  2. Morpheus

    Morpheus Columbia Gorge Anyway, back on the farm.

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    Oh yes, I've seen Saint Carlin.

    Still, just pisses me off when people who put a flag on their lapel forget exactly what that means.
  3. fd15k

    fd15k Tigard,OR Well-Known Member

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    Symbolism is usually a cheap PoS. People who mean their stuff don't need no symbols - they just go and do it.
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  4. Burt Gummer

    Burt Gummer Portland Completely Out of Ammo

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    The people that send kids to war have never given a crap about them whatsoever.

    "Military men are dumb, stupid animals" - Henry Kissinger

    That is the level of respect they have, period. From Nuke Tests to Agent Orange to Depleted Uranium; they don't care at all what happens to OUR soldiers exposed to OUR weapons of mass destruction.
  5. Riot

    Riot Benton County, Washington Well-Known Member

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    How about a more recent quote...

    -John Kerry
  6. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner You'll Never Know Well-Known Member

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    And the worst thing I think I have ever experienced was my son, a former Marine, trying to buy a home under his VA and the HUD owned home being sold by Bank of America would not reduce the purchase price to match the VA appraisal.

    instead, they tried to get him to go conventional and pay $47,000 more than the home was worth.
  7. clambo

    clambo Vancouver, Wa. Well-Known Member

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    I've been living on V.A. disability money for 2 years. ( $ 1272 mo ) Been waiting on attorneys and appeals for near that long to see if I can get it raised some. It's not looking good. And of course no one can tell you anything helpful or hopeful or give you a time frame. Fighting for Social Security now. That too is taking forever. Been through a couple botched surgeries at the V.A. Hospital, looking at more now....I've had all the runaround I can deal with. My wife is not in very good shape medically either. We live as carefully as possible but inevitably spend 2 or 3 hundred a month more than we make. We can't borrow any more and we can't pay back what we owe.

    A lot of months I wish the S would really just get it over with and hit the fan so we can just die in peace. Really. I'm not even gonna try and fight back. For me, it would be senseless.

    Funny thing is, I'm the one who brought it all on when I enlisted....twice. Thank you Jesus and thank you V.A., and thank you U.S. of A. ! I'm not gonna miss any of you.
  8. dmancornell

    dmancornell Portland, OR New Member

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    Who me?

    Sounds reasonable.
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  9. One-Eyed Ross

    One-Eyed Ross Winlock, WA Well-Known Member

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    You know, the same people who moan about the senate not voting this way or that way are some of the same people who get upset because the gubment is in debt.

    As a retired disabled vet living on about $1200 a month, I am all for the proper payment by the people of the US, through their goverment, to those of us who served. But, as a citizen, I am also aware that those payments come out of the pockets of the citizens of the country. At some point, their elected officials have to stand up and say to the other party "hey, you can't keep borrowing money."

    If you want your kids to be saddled with tax debt forever and ever, keep voting for a party that wants to keep giving money away with no thought of where it comes from....