Sen. Don Benton letter reply.

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    This was the only reply from my Representative, I have got back that was explicitly pro-gun


    Thank you for your email. The recent school shootings call us to action, but it must be effective action.

    I completely agree with you: gun control is not the answer. Gun control—whether assault rifle bans or magazine limits—will, at best, shrink the freedom of law-abiding citizens while having little or no effect on the availability of these technologies.

    Furthermore, such a ban fails to address the true cause of these shootings. The number of public shootings has increased rapidly in recent years. These shootings, which often end with the perpetrator taking his own life, are the ultimate rebellion against existence—despair in its most mature and wicked form. Not so long ago, these public shootings were almost unheard-of. Something has changed in the fabric of our nation. Until we find out what the root cause of these shootings is, no amount of money or regulation will stop them from occurring.

    Again, thank you for your email. I hope to hear from you in the future.



    Senator Don Benton
    Deputy Majority Leader
    17th Legislative District

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