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    I have a C&R eligible rifle that I purchased prior to having my C&R. I'm thinking of selling it, and it seems like it would be easier to sell on Gunbroker it if it was on my C&R. Do I just record it in my logbook with myself as the seller to put it on my C&R? Would it really be easier to sell online it if it was on my C&R?
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    If it meets the definition of a C&R and you are selling it while you have your C&R, you must log it out of your bound book. Since you had it before you had your C&R it doesn't have to be in your bound book now, but when you sell it you will have to log it in as an acquisition from yourself before logging it out. Ease of selling doesn't really factor in since you'll have to acquire/dispose of it anyway. What will be easier is if you sell it to a C&R holder so that they can receive it directly.

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