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As an alternative to therapy, I will be happy to sell back, to seller, any firearms I bought this year for triple what I paid for it. It will still be cheaper than ongoing therapy.

ATF I am kidding.

I've oft made the clarification at purchase wether the seller really wants to do the sale, or would like to keep it. Plus have on several occasions set a time frame in months for them to purchase whatever back at the sale price.

Fellow I recently bought an STG-58 from jokingly changed his mind after it was in the FFL book. I pointed out to him quite blankley, that it was no longer possible for him to do such, because of his state of residence...
You are describing a very large rib bone , which I assume has some actual meat on it.
Beef short ribs are what you seek
Or the plate, the plate rib is what's in my picture. These are short ribs, less meat.

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